For Those Who Know


For Those Who Know

Who we are

We were formed in the 90’s with original intentions of being an investment holding company. Since then, we have grown to become the sole distributor of the Milaena ChromoageTM Series throughout the world. While our products are most popular in Malaysia, it has also entered into the markets of Singapore and Australia.

As demand for the series increases, Milaena intends to lead the market in age defying skincare, the one and only skincare using the ChromoageTM technology in the world.

Our Core Values


We serve our community with all honesty, providing products that not only work, but also fair value-for-money.


We are innovative in developing our products using the unique ingredient of Chromolaena Odorata and in delivering our expertise in revolutionary skincare.


In delivering our products and services, we believe that we make “friends” for life. For our friends, we provide effective solutions, that save both money and time.


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